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 Sptbox deluxe 14.5.4 released!!! Total recall!!!!

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PostSubject: Sptbox deluxe 14.5.4 released!!! Total recall!!!!   25/8/2012, 9:29 am


* First IN World GT-P7300 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-P7300C Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-P3100 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-P5100 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-N8000 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-S6108 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-I9050 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-I8160L Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-I8160C Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-I8160H Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World GT-I8160P Flash/Unlock/Imei
* First IN World SCH-I779 Flash/Unlock/Imei/MEID
* First IN World SCH-I509U Flash/Unlock/Imei
[b]* First IN World SCH-I939 Flash/MEID
* First IN World GT-I9100G Boot Repair(One Click)[/b]
* First IN World GT-I9188 Boot Repair(One Click)
* First IN World GT-I9250 Boot Repair(One Click)
* First IN World GT-N8010 Flash Support
* First IN World SCH-I405 Flash Support
* SGH-T769 Flash
* SGH-I927 Flash/Unlock/Imei
* SGH-I927R Flash/Unlock/Imei

* SC-05D Flash/Unlock
* New Gui Interface
* New Support Page

Information of Some new Model Unlocking and imei Following:
* P3100-P5100 and some other model before procedure need make root.
Root file can find on spt support one file need write to phone with spt
one file need put sdcard then run recovery mode and apply sdcard file

* After root Do Reset Default Efs
* Then Factory Mode.

Info For New Support Area:
* Now Support IDM Downloader.
* Before Close Page Need Press Logout Button or Support Will locked if ip change
Old Support Will Stop Working In Today and Will Moving Dns Its Take
24-48 Hours so Should all user use Torrent support till new support is

* Old Version Spt Sw Will not work anymore login support area should allways use latest spt software for login support area.

Alternative Download Link:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Alternative Download Link #2:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Sptbox deluxe 14.5.4 released!!! Total recall!!!!
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