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 Martech MIX update - RCD AMS v0.0.8.44

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PostSubject: Martech MIX update - RCD AMS v0.0.8.44   8/10/2012, 7:35 pm

Martech RCD AMS v0.0.8.44

Latest Update :

- KIA, AUA-5010, 24c01 by Alpine
- **************, Audio 10 CD, MF2199, 24c04 by Alpine
- BMW, Business CD CD43 wide, 7 649 272 040 by Blaupunkt
- BMW, Business CD CD43, 7 649 272 042 by Blaupunkt
- BMW, Business CD CD43, 7 649 272 044 by Blaupunkt
- Ford, CD3XX-CDI-ISLAND-GGDS, CDX-FS34XCA, 7S7T-18C939-CB, TMS470R1VF48 by Sony - V series
- Skoda, MS-201, 1U0 035 160A, 24c08 by Grundig
- Chrysler, P04858513AA by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858513AG by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858513AI by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858513AI-1 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858513AK, 24c01 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858513AK-A by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858543AE-A by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858543AF-A, 24c01 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858543AG-A by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858583AE by Alpine
- Chrysler, P04858584AF by Alpine
- Chrysler, P05064191AG, 24c256 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P05064385AD, 24c16 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P05091508AF, BZ9CY210, 24c256 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P05269484AB by Alpine
- Chrysler, P05269486AB, 54D71204W04-0, 24c00 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P4704345-F by Alpine
- Chrysler, P4704345-G by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038518AG, 24c00 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038583AG, 24c00 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038585AL, 24c00 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038585AM, 24c16 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038629AG, 24c16 by Alpine
- Chrysler, P56038646AG, 24c16 by Alpine

How to update? Run martech_rcd_ams.exe or download and get latest version via setup:
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Martech MIX update - RCD AMS v0.0.8.44
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