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 Mkey small update - BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 Added.

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PostSubject: Mkey small update - BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 Added.   14/10/2012, 10:18 pm

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Hi by All.

From now we add some features under free.

MF180S + MF190S You can downgrade / rebrand firmware FREE by Mkey - Mini Flasher.

How it work ?

- connect modem
- select comport
- press unlock

Mkey software detected acceptable firmware and automatical do it update .

After this need [in s-series] make some small hardware modification for completed modem unlock.

Available next firmware versions:

01. - ZTE MF190S BD_MBNEGMF190SV1.0.0B01 - Mobinil - LIMITED!
02. - ZTE MF190S BD_MBNEGMF190SV1.0.0B03 - Mobinil
03. - ZTE MF190S BD_MF190SV1.0.0B05 - Etisalat - LIMITED!
04. - ZTE MF190S BD_MF190SV1.0.0B05 - GSELL
05. - ZTE MF190S KYI_UA_MF190SV1.0.0B02 - Kyivstar
06. - ZTE MF190S MTS_UA_MF190SV1.0.0B01 - MTC
07. - ZTE MF190S UCE_UZ_MF190SV1.0.0B04 - UCEL
08. - ZTE MF190S MET_KH_MF190SV1.0.0B03 - Metfone
09. - ZTE MF190S MAXIS_MY_MF190SDV1.0.0B08 - Maxis
10. - ZTE MF190V BD_IDEAMF190V1.0.0B01 -Idea
11. - ZTE MF190S IDEA_IN_MF190SDV1.0.1B05 -Idea
12. - ZTE MF190S VIE_VN_MF190SV1.0.0B07 -Viettel (Vietnam)
13. - ZTE MF190S BD_VIELAMF190SV1.0.0B02 - Viettel (Laos)
14. - ZTE MF180S BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 - Sudan
15. - ZTE MF180S BD_MF180SV1.0.0B01 - Djuice
16. - ZTE MF180S MTS_UA_MF180SV1.0.0B07 - MTC
17. - ZTE MF180S ETI_EG_MF180SV1.0.0B02 - Etisalat
18. - ZTE MF180S LIFE_UA_MF180SV1.0.0B02 - Life
19. - ZTE MF180S KYI_UA_MF180SV1.0.0B04 - Kyivstar
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Mkey small update - BD_MF190SV1.0.0B06 Added.
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