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 ASANSAM Rev 2.0.3 Released

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PostSubject: ASANSAM Rev 2.0.3 Released   4/11/2012, 11:02 am

[size=21][size=21][size=12][size=12]You Guys Miss Us Right?
You Need New Updates So Bad Huh!!!? , is'nt ????
[size=12]So here is......




GT-B5512B Direct Unlock/Imei Repair/Bypass Pattern
GT-I9300T Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I9300C Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-N7105 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-N7103 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I927 Direct Unlock(New Method)/Imei Repair
GT-I927R Direct Unlock(New Method)/Imei Repair
GT-I9003 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I9003B Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I9003L Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I9100G Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-I9100 Imei Repair

GT-I8160 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-S7562 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair(Master Part Only)
GT-S6500D Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
GT-S6500 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
SGH-T769 Direct Unlock/Imei Repair
SGH-T589W Direct Unlock/Imei Repair

Add more than 40 Patch modem File for I9300 (Special Thanks to User SSH-GSM)

Add External Database for Saving MSL Bypass Data in Qualcomm Phones [size=12](See [size=12]F.A.Q


[size=12][size=12][size=21][size=21][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12][size=12]DOWNLOAD LINK FROM ASANSAM SERVER [size=12]HERE




Q. What is External Database For Qualcomm MSL Bypass?

A. When You Unlock Some Qualcomm Phones like S6500D,S6500,S5670, etc.
if Software have information About That Phone Modem(Baseband) Version
Procedure Doing job so fast (Below 3 Seconds) but if dont information
exist for that phone modem version Software Begin Reading that from
Phone and its take more Time (for some Phones more than 15 Minutes) so
we decide to put a external database for our user and for describe it's
work we give you an example

Assume you have one S6500 Phone in hand and want to unlock it when you
connect it to software if Phone Baseband information exist in our
Internal Database you got fast answer but if it's not it searching for
needed data when it found that and unlock your phone this Baseband
Information Saved on External Database

so when you connect another phone with same baseband version software
dont search inside phone anymore because you have that in your external
database so your time was saved

Q. Where Can i Found This External Database File?

A. it exist on "C:\ASANSAM2\DATA" File Named "Bypass_db.ini"

Q. I Unlock Many Phones and now i have very rich Database can i share it with another user?

A. Sure you can but first you need send your Database File to us for Verifying for that just email it to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[size=21]Uninstall Previous Version and install this new setup[/size]
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ASANSAM Rev 2.0.3 Released
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