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 Cyclone Box Installer v1.22 Released

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PostSubject: Cyclone Box Installer v1.22 Released   10/11/2012, 11:00 am

Hi, new update for Cyclone Box is ready.

Installer v1.22
- New CPU support added, XGold223 (Asha 308, Asha309)
- Supported operations: Write Flash, Read/Write Certificates, Read RPL, Write RPL, etc...
- Firmware v02.11 Released
- Lumia SmartTP(R) introduced, for testers only (can detect
short-circuits between Lumia eMMC Points (MISO,MOSI,CLK,CS), GND, or
VCC, it shows also link quality). Use on _POWERED OFF_ PCB! When
connecting power, it can show FALSE status! Very helpful during
soldering time.
- New BB5 Loaders Added
- Lumia USB Flashing improved
- Latest Blackberry MEPs added
- Improved flashing speed and NPC certs reading time
- Improved CBUS protocol handling (sometimes it wents out of synchronization)
- Fixed BSI spurious glitch problem with ~2.x firmware
- Fixed DCT4 booting problems
- Improved FBUS Local Mode entry
- XGold213xx certificates Backup Added (NPC,HWC,CCC,...)
- XGold213xx Full Flash chip dump to BIN added
- XGold213xx Low-level PMM dump added (can dump PM from dead mobile)
- XGold213xx Low-Level FILESYSTEM dump from dead mobiles added. This
dumps full FAT16 user data partition to BIN file for further actions
(analysis, recovery, forensics, ...)
- Minor changes and bugfixes

Notes about XGold 223 flashing: Switching to RAW mode is not supported
(i.e. flashing from local/test mode, ROM will respons with empty public
id (000000...) - very same story as with rapido). Battery reset needed,
software will prompt you, but not always. Keep it noticed.

Notes about XGold 223 RPL: Readen RPL is not full RPL backup (missing
crypted PM308 data). This phone is very TexasInstruments-Nokia like, but
not really. Once loaders with assymetric key hack is not ready, you
SHOULDN'T full erase your phone any way.

Autoupdate module SHOULD work, if not here is link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Firmware v02.11 is Mandatory
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Cyclone Box Installer v1.22 Released
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