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 FIS+ Advanced : New Update v0.3.0b6 [16-11-2012]

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PostSubject: FIS+ Advanced : New Update v0.3.0b6 [16-11-2012]   17/11/2012, 9:32 am

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Firmware : [PF03]FIS_Adv_v0.3.0b6(Red_dot)(EN_ES_DE_CZ_FR_IT_PT_DA_ RU_SL)

- New design in Polar FIS configuration menu.
- New selections visualization in menus (use of radiobuttons to a easy understanding of selections)
- Modified DIAGNOSTICS menu, now you'll only see the functions available in your vehicle.
- Whole diagnostics communication redesigned and improved to work with lastest models of ECUS
- Solved issues with gateways 7N0 907 530 x that causes a
misfunctiones of Polar FIS and didn't activate telematiks module in the
- Improved Confort blinkers function and solved issues with automatic lightning that causes a misfunctioning.
- Improved Parktronic emulation for Skoda vehicles, now it works with all models of gateways.
- Added Climatronic emulation to see Climatronic adjusts in RNS510
navigation units. NOTE: This is still a beta version, so will be
improved in next versions. Up to this moment only works in Skoda
- Added Chronometer for lap counter.
- Added Chronometer for acceleration.
- New parameters added:
- Temperature before boost (Diesel engines)
- N75 Duty cycle (Petrol engines)
- Chargue pressure control (Diesel engines)
- Catalyzer input temperature (Petrol engines)
- DPF input temperature (Diesel engines)
- DPF output temperature (Diesel engines)
- DPF filling % (Diesel engines)
- DPF Regen counter (Diesel engines)
- Lateral G forces.

Important informations

Due to a reorganization of the memory in this new firmware, user
memory will be erased during this update, I apologize for any
The function to see white dot BT Handsfree is not stable on this
version, so if you use that function, we recommend to wait for the next
update where will be fixed or deactivate that function.
To start chronometer in acceleration mode, set the START and END desired speed, after that, START chronometer,
and it will automatically start time when you exceeds the speed
marked as START, and it will stop, when the car reach to END speed.
In lap mode, simply enter to chronometer, and pressing OK, time will start, each press in the OK button means one lap.
To reset chronometers, even in lap or acceleration modes, simply keep pressed the OK button until it resets the time.
About windows function, will not be available (still under development and we not consider include it yet)
We will release in the next firmwares, so please be little patient.

Firmware : [PF03]FIS_Adv_v0.3.0b6(White_Color_dot)(EN_ES_DE_CZ_FR_I T_PT_DA_RU_SL)

- Improved sniffing tool.
- Improved communication.
- Improved BT Handsfree communication
- Improved Steering wheel controls to work with clickwheel buttons steering wheel controls
- Solved issue that causes that Polar screen was not available after switch on the ignition.
- Solved issue that causes that pressure units was not stored after a restart of the box.

Important informations about Handsfree menu in PolarFIS

After install your Polar Box in your car, and check that in
telephone menu, Polar FIS screen is shown, switch the ignition on and
close completelly the car.
Wait out of the car until the FIS screen goes off, in this moment,
wait another 1 minute, and then you can start your car if you desire.
This is due to BT Handsfree and Polar FIS communication must be
syncronized, and it's done when the car goes off, if you don't do this,
it will cause that when you try to access to the Handsfree screen
from the Polar FIS configuration menu, it results on a crash of the
About windows function, will not be available (still under development and we not consider include it yet)
We will release in the next firmwares, so please be little patient.

For install this update, please use ActiveX from our official web Autopolar Official Web site (Update Zone)
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FIS+ Advanced : New Update v0.3.0b6 [16-11-2012]
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