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 LGTOOL 2.01 released. A lot of exclusively supported HTC & Samsung models!

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PostSubject: LGTOOL 2.01 released. A lot of exclusively supported HTC & Samsung models!   20/12/2012, 10:31 am

Version 1.0.33 released!

New version highlights:
Added support for a lot of new Samsung models without rooting!

World's first unlock support for a new Samsung phones!

Updated Samsung firmware files for flashing on our server


New for LGTOOL direct services:

LG VN150, UN150

- Read/Write MEID,ESN

- Read/Write IMSI(MCC,MNC,MIN2,MIN1)

- Read/Write Phone number(MDN)

- Read/Write Home SID/NID

- Read/Write SSD_A, SSD_B, AKEY, OTKSL

- Read/Write SPC

- Read/Write PRL

- Read/Write eri

- Dump/Flash NVM

- File explorer

- Flash Firmware

New for LGTOOL remote services:

HTC One X+, One SU, Desire V, Desire X, Desire VC, WP8X, WP8S - All World's first!

- calculate unlock codes - Exclusive models for PAID service only*

* In case any of the phone models from the “Exclusive” category will
start to be supported by any of our competitors and there will be no
opportunity to start supporting these models - we will decrease their
credit cost and move them into the “Free” category.

New for SGTOOL direct services:

Samsung S6500, S6500D, S730M, S7500, S7560, S7562, I827, T589 - All World's first!

- Read unlockcodes - No Root Required!

Samsung I317, I317M, I717, I717D, I717M, I717R, I727, I727R, SC05D, SC06D,

I747M, I757M, I957R, I9210, I9305, I9305B, I9305T, N7105, P7320, SC02E, SC03D,

I577, I667, I747, I957, T769, T879, T889, T889V, T989, T999, T999V - All no root!

- Read unlockcodes (No Root Required)

Samsung S7562L - World's first!

- Direct Unlock

- Read unlockcodes

- Repair Master Imei (No Root Required)

Other changes in LGtool, SGtool and remote services:

- Added paid credits feature

- Reduced LGtool starting time

- Updated Qcom NVM Repair files

- Improved LG calc algo

- Improved HTC calc algo

- Alcatel, ZTE, Huawei, RIM, Avvio, Doro & Micromax IMEI calculator unlimited now


Since v. 2.0 new license system for activated users is added. Please do
not install LGtool 2.xx until you purchase LGtool license (paid

New users should install v.1.99 first to register smart card.
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LGTOOL 2.01 released. A lot of exclusively supported HTC & Samsung models!
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